Male Champions of Change

Monday 24 March 2014

Male Champions of Change

In April 2010, Commissioner Broderick was instrumental in bringing together some of Australia’s most influential and diverse male CEOs and Chairpersons to form the Male Champions of Change group. The group aims to use their individual and collective influence and commitment to ensure the issue of women’s representation in leadership is elevated on the national business agenda.

It starts with us - The Leadership Shadow (March 2014)  The Leadership Shadow

The Male Champions of Change have partnered with Chief Executive Women to launch a free and simple management model, called ‘The Leadership Shadow’, which will help leaders everywhere to listen, learn and lead by understanding the impact of their personal actions.

The Leadership Shadow model will guide leaders who want their every action – their Leadership Shadow - to send the right signal around gender diversity.

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2013 Report Listening, Learning, Leading'

Tapping into the full talent pool will give us a diversity advantage, creating commercial, societal and economic value. If we want gender balance to be the norm in our organisations, we must create the conditions and cultures that enable both men and women to thrive.

As all the research says, there is no ‘silver bullet.’ With wide consultation, we have identified an interconnected set of high impact actions that leaders can take to ‘change the game.’ These actions fall into four key themes.

  1. Stepping up as leaders
  2. Creating accountability
  3. Disrupting the status quo
  4. Dismantling barriers for carers

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2011 Report

The Male Champions of Change (MCC) is a collaborative initiative of corporate and institutional leaders convened by Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission. Male champions of change - research paper publication

We are committed to discussing and promoting strategies and actions that elevate women’s representation in leadership.
Why men? To make a difference, men and women need to work together on this issue. As CEOs and board members we believe we have a responsibility to support and drive change.
organise examples from our collective experiences into three phases that bring that gender diversity journey to life: 

Phase 1: Getting in the game

Phase 2: Getting serious

Phase 3: Capturing diversity advantage

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About the Group

The group will also provide support and advice to Commissioner Broderick on this issue. The creation of Male Champions of Change shows an important recognition of the significant role that CEOs and Chairpersons have in achieving more gender balanced leadership in Australia.

For the charter on MCC please click here.

The members of Male Champions of Change include:

  1. Glen Boreham, Non-Executive Director
  2. Gordon Cairns, Non-Executive Director
  3. Stephen Fitzgerald, Non-Executive Director
  4. Alan Joyce, CEO and Managing Director, Qantas
  5. Elmer Funke Kupper, Managing Director and CEO, ASX Limited
  6. Kevin McCann, Chair & Non-Executive Director
  7. Lieutenant General David Morrison, Chief of Army, Australian Defence Force
  8. Ian Narev, CEO, Commonwealth Bank
  9. Sir Ralph Norris, Non-Executive Director
  10. Grant O'Brien, Managing Director and CEO, Woolworths Ltd
  11. Martin Parkinson, Secretary, The Treasury
  12. Michael Rennie, Managing Partner, McKinsey
  13. Stephen Roberts, Chief Country Officer, Citi, Australia
  14. Stephen Sedgwick, Public Service Commissioner, Australian Public Service Commission
  15. Mike Smith, CEO, ANZ
  16. Andrew Stevens, Managing Director, IBM Australia and New Zealand
  17. Giam Swiegers, CEO, Deloitte Australia
  18. David Thodey, CEO, Telstra
  19. Ian Watt, Secretary, Prime Minister and Cabinet
  20. Geoff Wilson, Asia Pacific Regional Chief Operating Officer, KPMG
  21. Simon Rothery, CEO, Goldman Sachs

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