Access to electronic commerce and new service and information technologies for older Australians and people with a disability


Page last updated 7 July 2005

In 1999 the Australian Human Rights Commission (previously known as Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission) was given a reference by the Attorney General to investigate the implications for older Australians and Australians with a disability of new technologies in electronic commerce and the provision of government and other services, and outline their specific needs in accessing services which utilise these technologies. The Commission provided a final report to the Attorney-General on 31 March 2000.

This page is the Commission's main entry point for information on our ecommerce inquiry and report, and for information on action being taken to address the issues raised in the report.

New: Report on banking accessibility ; see also Commission press release and Australian Bankers Association press release


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Accessible ecommerce forum

Following the release of the report the Commission and the Australian Bankers Association co-sponsored the setting up of a community wide forum, known as the Accessible ecommerce Forum, to promote partnerships between industry, Government and the community to address the recommendations of the report.

Organisations and individuals interested in contributing ideas and commenting on the discussions that take place on the Forum are encouraged to regularly check this page and send comments to the Forum by email through

Report and other inquiry documents

Ecommerce inquiry report

Other resources published during the e-commerce inquiry include:

Resources and links

The resources page developed for this reference will continue to be updated with links to information on relevant initiatives and other resources as we become aware of them. Resources page last updated February 2001. Please feel free to suggest further links we should add.