Human rights and mental illness

This page provides links to materials related to and following from the Australian Human Rights Commission's National Inquiry on the Human Rights of People with a Mental Illness, which reported in 1993, and more activity including recent consultations conducted in conjunction with the Mental Health Council of Australia and the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

Page last updated: 16 May 2012

Employer Guide

Mental Illness: A practical guide for managers

Mental Health Commissions

Not For Service

Report of consultations by the Mental Health Council of Australia and Brain and Mind Research Institute in association with the Commission : October 2005

1993 National Inquiry report

Also available:

Other recent Commission activity

Senate inquiry


Other Commission papers

Living Wills discussion Paper and public submissions on "living wills" or advance directives in the mental health area.

Medicare benefits for psychiatric services
Report of an examination by the Commission under the Disability Discrimination Act of Group A8 of the Health Insurance (1996 -1997 General Medical Services Table) Regulations. This report looks at the effect on people with psychiatric disabilities of changes to the rules about the number of psychiatric consultations for which a Medicare rebate is claimable

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