Technical Aid to the Disabled

About TAD

Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD) is a registered charity organisation.


Mission Statement

"To improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and those caring for them, through the application of technology."


tad services and their objectives

1. The TAD/Gale Computer Loan Service

Provide computers on loan to people with disabilities.

Telephone (02) 9808 2012

Facsimile (02) 9809 7670


2. The Custom Designed Aids Service

Develop custom designed aids where commercial equipment is not available utilising the skills of volunteers.

Telephone (02) 9808 2366

Facsimile (02) 9807 4214


  1. The George Winston Information Service

Provide information on aids and technology to people with disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, volunteers, clients and carers.

Telephone (02) 9808 2022

Facsimile (02) 9809 7670


4. Administration

PO Box 108 RYDE 1680

227 Morrison Road RYDE 2112

Telephone (02) 9808 2022

Facsimile (02) 9809 7670




The TAD/Gale Computer Loan Service

What is the TAD/Gale Computer Loan Service?

  • The TAD/Gale Computer Loan Service (CLS) is an initiative of Technical Aid to the Disabled, a Sydney based not –for –profit organisation.

  • CLS, funded by the RA Gale Foundation, lends used computers and ancillary equipment to clients at a minimal annual fee.

  • CLS is dependent on businesses and the general public for donations of most of the equipment loaned to clients. TAD accept donations of whole systems, part systems and peripheral devices.

  • CLS supplies IBM or compatible computers to clients.

  • CLS relies on volunteers for sorting, assessment, delivery and tuition of clients.

  • CLS has excellent working relationships with other organisations, such as The Northcott Society, The Spastic Centre and DOCS.

  • CLS has two workshops, Ryde H.Q. of TAD and the Glebe Island Container Terminal. This latter facility is donated by Conaust, a subsidiary of P&O Australia.


Who does the service help?

  • Newcomers – learning basic computer skills.
  • The Sight –Impaired – talking word processor.
  • The Intellectually Impaired – basic education, better speech.
  • Impaired Hand Function – improved written communication.
  • Impaired Speech – improved verbal/written ability.
  • Impaired Motivation – intellectual stimulation.
  • Impaired Physical Functioning – improved hand –eye coordination.
  • Poor Self –Image – improved confidence.
  • Students with Disabilities – ability to continue studies at home.
  • Volunteers – satisfaction of helping.


What do clients receive?

  • A 486 or better IBM or Compatible PC.
  • Software – IBM PC DOS 7 (donated by IBM) and WINDOWS 3.1 (donated by Microsoft).
  • Public Domain & Shareware

Word Processors Spreadsheet (DOS & WIN)

"Sticky Key" Program

Typing Tutors

Educational Programs


  • Special Software

20 –20 (visual impaired)

Italk (talking word processor)


How to receive a computer?

  1. You contact TAD and you are placed on the waiting list.
  2. When a suitable computer is available it will be delivered to you in Sydney or sent to you if you are in a regional area of NSW.
  3. Basic training is given to clients in Sydney at the time of delivery.
  4. Clients outside the TAD Branch network are responsible for their own installation and training.
  5. There is an annual rental charge of $50 per computer. A $20 once only charge may apply for printers. Special modifications can be organised if required.
  6. Internet access(not available), modems and CD-ROM drives (limited availability)
  7. You may rent the computer for as long as you like.
  8. If repairs are needed you must contact TAD.
  9. If an upgrade is required contact TAD and your needs will be assessed.


What does CLS need most?

  • Computer equipment: – CLS will accept most equipment donations but prefers:

IBM –Compatible 486s and above;

Serial Mice;

Monitors – VGA and SVGA;

Inkjet Printers; 10" Dot Matrix Printers

Soundcards, components, cables, batteries.

  • Community volunteers – in order to extend and improve our service, we wish to recruit suitably –skilled volunteers who will act as installers, first line support, and Tutors/Mentors to locally based Clients.
  • General volunteers – to assist with deliveries to clients; to collect donated equipment.
  • Donations – to help fund the service. All donations are tax deductible.


Miscellaneous information

  • The CLS department has 35 volunteers and 3 paid staff in Sydney.
  • CLS receives 30 to 40 new client applications per month.
  • The split between clients in the Sydney metropolitan area and regional NSW is roughly 50/50.
  • The CLS dismantles, sells and donates to other causes any unwanted or surplus equipment.


Country Areas

If you are in a country area, served by a local TAD group, the contact person will be the coordinator of that region (a volunteer). Alternatively, you can contact the Sydney office for more details.