2003 Competition

 What does it look like in your school, your community, your town? take a shot about respect, cause thats what human rights are based on

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Shot! on-line gallery

Respect comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

That was clear from the dozens of entries we received in the Shot! photographic competition.

We received well over 100 images from young people right across Australia that captured what 'respect' looks like in their schools, communities and close relationships.

Have a wander through our on-line gallery at check out a selection of the images that were entered - there's plenty to inspire you.

Congratulations to the winners - and a big thank you to everyone who entered.

Note : The judging panel had two important criteria which they used to decide the winning entries. The first was the quality of the photo (colour, composition, originality) and, the second, was how well the photo conveyed an understanding of 'respect'. To be a winning entry, a photo had to meet a high standard on both counts. For this reason not every state had a winning entry.