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Rights Rights and Freedoms

Statement on Mandatory Sentencing

This is a rare event for the Human Rights Commission - a media conference convened by the President with other Commissioners. I can recall it occurring only once before in the Commission's history. The fact that we are doing this today reflects the seriousness of the issue we are discussing.

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Disability Disability Rights

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My congratulations to the organisers for organising this forum and opportunity to discuss a potential mechanism to protect the rights of people with mental illness and enhance the delivery of mental health care.

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Disability Disability Rights

Presentation to Productivity Commission DDA review hearing

We would like to begin by emphasising the limited role of discrimination law - that is, we agree to some extent with comments by ACCI that equality cannot be achieved solely by providing stronger antidiscrimination legal provisions.

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Commission Commission – General


Many Australians regard ANZAC Day as an opportunity to honour those who made such tremendous sacrifices in war to protect the freedoms we enjoy to this day.

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