This right is protected under the Age Discrimination Act 2004.

Under the Act, individuals can lodge complaints of discrimination with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

We undertake research, education and policy activities to build awareness of the Act and to tackle the attitudes and stereotypes that can lead to age discrimination.

The Commission has a particular focus on addressing barriers to equality and participation faced by mature workers, older Australians and young people.

The Age Discrimination Act 2004 was amended in May 2011to create an office for an Age Discrimination Commissioner within the Australian Human Rights Commission.

This is the first time such a position has been created at the federal level, and represents a positive step forward in ensuring that age discrimination is on an equal footing with other areas of discrimination.

The government has appointed the Hon Susan Ryan AO as the Age Discrimination Commissioner. Ms Ryan started with the Commission on 8 August 2011.

The Age Discrimination Commissioner is responsible for raising awareness of age discrimination, educating the community about the impact of age discrimination and monitoring and advocating for the elimination of age discrimination across all areas of public life.