Pathways to Resolution: The conciliation process of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

One of the Commission's main roles is to try to resolve complaints made under federal human rights and discrimination law through a process called 'conciliation'

This video/DVD provides useful information about the Commission's conciliation process for people who have made, or are thinking about making a complaint to the Commission and people or organisations that have had complaints made against them.

The Pathways to Resolution program

As well as providing an overview of the complaint process, the resource:

  • outlines the various forms the conciliation process may take
  • explains the role of the conciliator
  • outlines how parties should prepare for and approach conciliation, and
  • with reference to an example case study, walks viewers through the various stages of a face-to-face conciliation meeting.

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Ordering Pathways to Resolution

Running Time: 17 minutes
Format: DVD formats
Cost: Free (limit one copy) and $5 for additional copies.

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Developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission in conjunction with Job Watch and with the assistance of Employers First

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