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Consultations and Factsheets

The National Children’s Commissioner undertook targeted consultations in the first half of 2017 with key experts and stakeholders.

Broader consultation has now occurred with government, sports, disability, health, education and early childhood, child and family support services, religious bodies, recreation, arts and leisure sectors.  The National Principles and related resources are currently being refined.

The National Children’s Commissioner is continuing to consult with children and young people on the National Principles.

Advisory groups

The Australian Human Rights Commission has established an advisory group involving representatives of key sectors to assist with implementation of the National Principles. This group will also provide advice on the development of associated tools and resources to support implementation of the National Principles.

A Consumer Advocacy Advisory Group has also been established including researchers and advocates in the areas of disability, children and young people, parents, mental health, family and domestic violence and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services.  This group will help ensure the National Principles and associated resources can be easily used to support children with particular needs and experiences.

See the list of Advisory Group member organisations here. 


Download Factsheets for Organisations and Families and Communities here:

Organisations Factsheet in PDF | Word version

Families and Communities Factsheet in PDF | Word version


To find out more about the Child Safe Organisations Project, contact:  childsafe@humanrights.gov.au