Disability complaint outcomes

From this page you can find

  • Conciliated settlements : selected summaries of agreements reached with the Commission s assistance by the parties to complaints under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Court decisions : decisions by the Federal Court or Federal Magistrates Court, where a complaint has not been able to be conciliated, or has been terminated by the Commission President for other reasons; also decisions under the previous procedure (before 13 April 2000) where a party to a complaint was seeking an enforceable decision, or review of a decision by the Commission
  • Commission decisions: decisions by the Commission as tribunal in complaint cases (before April 2000 when this function was transferred to the Federal Court)
  • Decline/termination decisions : selected summaries of decisions by the Commissioner to decline to deal with complaints under the DDA and  decisions by the President reviewing those decisions of the Commissioner, and (from 13 April 2000 when legislative amendments providing a new procedure took effect), decisions of the President or delegate to terminate complaints

See also the DDA chapter of Federal Discrimination Law Online, the Commission's major legal publication.