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See also our page providing information on Disability Standards made under the DDA.

Information on how to purchase hard copies of legislation may be found at http://www.publications.gov.au/?legislation.

Please note that while Commission has has statutory responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act - which is concerned with non-discriminatory access and opportunity throughout society, in areas such as employment and education - we do not have any responsibilities in relation to the Disability Services Acts of each Australian jurisdiction, which are concerned with services more specifically directed to people with disabilities. In common with all Australian legislation, the Commonwealth Disability Services Act and its equivalents in each State and Territory may be found on the website of the Australasian Legal Information Institute.


Debate on Disability Discrimination Bill 1992

The official versions of Hansard records of parliamentary debates are on the Parliament's site www.aph.gov.au . The files below have been placed on Commission's own site for convenient access in response to a number of requests.

Disability Discrimination Amendment Bill 2002

DDA Amendment Bill 2003 regarding drug addiction

Civil Aviation (Relationship with Anti-Discrimination Legislation) Bill 2004

Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee report on Civil Aviation Amendment (Relationship with Anti-Discrimination Legislation) Bill