Employment Innovations Victoria Pty Ltd

1. Scope

The Disability Access Plan (DAP) applies to all locations of Employment Innovations Victoria Pty Ltd (EIV).

The scope of the DAP is to ensure that the services of EIV are provided to persons with a disability, to the same standards provided to any other client. EIV will to the best of its abilities ensure any disability client is not in any way disadvantaged or discriminated against in the receipt of EIV services, where possible services will be tailored to meet and exceed the requirements of the individual, with a minimum disruption to the activities of the individual, whilst creating an inviting and comfortable environment for individuals.

2. Premises

EIV operates from the following sites:

1. Shop 4 - 5, Morwell 3840
2. , Traralgon 3844
3. 3850
4. , Bairnsdale 3875
5. 42 -  , Lakes Entrance 3909
6. Community Centre, , Orbost 3888
7. Moe 3825
8. Warragul 3820
9. 57 Bair St. Leongatha 3953
10. Shop 7, , Wonthaggi 3995
11. Community Centre, 56 —58 Church Street, 3922
12. Shop 8, Cranbourne Court Arcade, 33 —39 High St, Cranbourne 3977
13. , Narre Warren 3805
14. , Shepparton 3630
15. , Echuca 3564
16. ,Nagambie 3608

All of the above are leased premises from various landlords, sites 4,5,6,11 and 16 are shared office arrangement with landlords. Sites number 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 have existing disability access in accordance with Advisory Notes on Access to Premises June 1997, amended March 1998, issued by HREOC.

3. Policies for Service Delivery

The policy of EIV in relation to meeting with clients is that our staff will be available to meet with the client at their place of residence, business or nominated site. To assist the client in relation to the services we provide, it is beneficial, in some instances, for our staff to meet clients at a site nominated by the client than having the individual visit our offices.

4. Physical

It is our current practice, to arrange meetings for individuals or groups at fully accessible buildings, where these premises are not already provided. Upon evaluation of all our sites, the sites listed below do not currently meet the sanitary requirements of the advisory notes with regards to access to premises. However, in the interim we have determined the closest sanitary facilities to these sites.

Wonthaggi: Disability toilets are located directly behind the office in the Safeway building.
Leongatha: Disability toilets are located next door in the IGA building.
Morwell: Disability toilets are located directly across the road, adjoining Coles supermarket (this site would not present difficulties in the conversion
of the existing toilet facility)
: Disability toilets are located in the Shopping Complex 100 metres from the site.
Narre Warren: Disability toilets are located un the centre of the CBD, 150 metres from the site.
Cranbourne: Disability toilets are located at three sites in the town, the closest of which being the main intersection approximately 200 metres from the
Nagambie: Disability toilets are located directly across the road.
Shepparton: Disability toilets are located 200 metres from the office.
Echuca: Disability toilets are located 200 metres from the office.

It is the attention of EIV to review these site locations as current contracts expire and are renewed. Upon renewal of contracts in twelve months time the company will actively pursue, as far as practicable, to find alternative sites to operate from in these locations. The pursuit of such sites would be in line with contractual obligations in so much as the determined locations being within the central business district and also in accordance with other contractual obligations.

In the interim we would envisage that no disability client would be severely disadvantaged in regard to access of our services due to policies implemented to meet client needs. In support of these policies EIV are currently the highest performing provider under the Job Network Contract in the state for placing clients with a disability into employment, this would indicate our ongoing commitment towards affirmative action. EIV also conducts training under contract at the following sites, as the contractual training requirements are spasmodic the company has arranged alternative venues as listed below if the need should arise for the accommodation of a client with a disability.

Site 10: Wonthaggi TAPE
Site 12: Cranbourne TAPE
Site 13: Narre Warren Learning Centre
Site 14: Vision Foundation (Baringa Centre)
Site 15: Regional Institute of TAPE (Echuca Branch)
Site 16: Senior Citizens Facility

The vast majority of individual clients seeking information contact the offices via a 1800 telephone number (1800 355052). On receipt of these calls our staff will, where the assistance cannot be fully delivered via a telephone, arrange a meeting with the client. The venue for this meeting is at the discretion of the client where possible.

5. Programs
The programs that have been implemented by EIV are:

1. The arrangement of alternative meeting places where access may be of concern.
2. A review of leased premises on completion of the lease period.
3. Ongoing staff notification and education in relation to providing services to individual clients whom may have requirements within this area.

6. Attitudinal

1. A copy of this plan has been forwarded to all EIV sites with the instruction that all staff are aware of the management strategies adopted by Ely. The distribution of the management plan is accompanied by a memo from the Executive Directors emphasising the importance EIV places on ensuring it provides service to all persons in such a manner that where possible, we exceed expectations.

2. Work place training for existing staff will be conducted over the next twelve months to inform employees about the rights and responsibilities of people with a disability as they pertain to the DDA.

3. Representatives of disability organisations will be invited to address regular management meetings on current issues as they pertain to the employment industry.

4. A disability section will be included to the company policy manual within a twelve month period.

5. All new employees will, during the induction program, be made aware of DDA issues as well as participate in the ongoing workplace training programs.

7. Confidentiality

All company staff are aware of confidentiality issues and have received such training.
The company and it's employees are both bound and abide by all relevant Government legislation pertaining to the Privacy Act.

8. Operational Review

The review of the plan will take place on an annual basis, if the plan is found to be not operating in a successful manner, then a review will be immediately undertaken.

9. Future of the Action Plan

The future of the plan is to ensure services are delivered to all persons in the community that seek EIV services, without disadvantaging any group in general. The plan will remain in operation for three years after which the company will undertake a more qualitative review.

10. Evaluation

1. The operational effectiveness of the plan will be under constant review with feedback from both staff and clients. A formal review will be held in accordance with the operational review. A full review of leased premises will take place on completion of lease period.

2. The Operations Manager will be responsible for the evaluation, review process and the employee training.

11. Organisational Responsibility

1. The overall responsibility of ensuring that all operations of EIV are available to all persons, rests with the Executive Directors of EIV.

2. The overall responsibility for the delivery, ongoing evaluation and assessment and where required, amendment of the plan resides also with the Executive Directors of EIV.

3. The responsibility for delivering services resides with all the staff of EIV.