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Business and Human Rights / Corporate Social Responsibility

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Do you support cultural diversity in the workplace?  We are looking for good practice!

The Australian Human Rights Commission, Diversity Council of Australia and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) invite organisations that recognise the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce to submit examples of their practical initiatives to support workplace cultural diversity.

Women in Leadership: Equality and the Business Case

Speech delivered to the 25th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference

Speech to APS Human Rights Network by Graeme Innes AM (2012)

It was a Friday morning in September, 1990, when 12-year-old Bella's parents announced' suddenly, "You're having your appendix out today!" Though horrified at the thought of being operated on, "I was as quiet as a mouse about it because my mum and dad said I could have a special doll if I was a very good girl," recalls Bella, now 34. "So I was as good as I could be."