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Cultural diversity in leadership

Speech given at the 2016 Kingsley Laffer Memorial Lecture, University of Sydney Business School

It was 60 years ago that Professor Kingsley Laffer helped establish the first industrial relations course taught at the University of Sydney. As it has already been noted, Laffer was subsequently instrumental in setting up a Department of Industrial Relations here in what was then the Faculty of Economics.

Populism, Race and Democracy

Speech given at The Festival of Democracy, The University of Sydney

From whence do prophets come? Many of you will know of the 1976 film, Network. In the film’s most famous scene, news anchor Howard Beale launches into an extended tirade.

The challenge of Social Cohesion

Speech given at the ANU Research School of Psychology Annual Lecture

We live in interesting times. We live in times when tolerance and harmony are becoming elusive, when intolerance and division are becoming the norm.

Commissioner Soutphommasane warns of deterioration in community harmony

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane has warned of emerging threats to social cohesion and "serious concerns" about a "deterioration of community harmony".

The comments were made in his address to the National Press Club in Canberra today.

"I hold serious concerns about a deterioration of community harmony - a deterioration that warrants close attention from government and leaders," Commissioner Soutphommasane said.

Race relations: how much have we learned?

Check against delivery

Many of us will be familiar, one way or another, with the following scenario. A passenger on a train has launched into a racial tirade against another passenger. Some people in the carriage pause to watch the unfolding scene. Others avert their gaze. There is an air of nervous discomfort.

Social progress

University of Sydney Speech

'A Brave Piece of Legislation': The Racial Discrimination Act, 40 Years On

Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner, delivered the opening address to the RDA@40 Conference in Sydney, 19-20 February 2015. The following is an edited version of that address.

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You can also read the full speech from our website.

Free thinking?

Many say freedom of expression means nothing if it doesn’t entail a freedom to offend others. Enjoying such freedom means that you may also have to tolerate hurtful or distasteful speech. But what if the burden of tolerance is not borne equally? What if some forms of speech wound not merely sensibilities but also another person’s dignity? How should a liberal democracy treat forms of speech that degrade others because of their race?

Anti-racism on the job - Tackling discrimination in employment and the workplace

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane profiles racial discrimination in employment and the workplace, its impact on individuals and initiatives that have been developed to overcome it.

You’re not a killjoy calling out racism

THE historian John Hirst has described Australia as a democracy of manners — we treat one another as social equals.

We are certainly informal and familiar in how we interact. We sit in the front seat with a taxi driver, we rarely refer to people as “sir” or “madam”. And we’re not afraid to let our egalitarianism rip with good-humoured banter.

Sometimes, however, we can go too far. What begins as raillery can end up as “casual racism”.

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