Help for small business

No matter what size your business is, all employers are required to create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.

These responsibilities are set out in a range of Commonwealth and state and territory anti-discrimination laws - the goal being to protect people from unlawful behaviour.

The potential for harassment to occur can be increased in the context of close working relationships where employees are on familiar terms with each another.

That's why it's important that small business employers can put in place proper precautions.

 ArrowFact sheets on discrimination and harassment based on: 
 Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination and Harassment, Race Discrimination and Racial Hatred, Sex Discrimination and Harassment, Workplace Bullying 
 ArrowA guide to vicarious liability.As an employer, you may be liable for the actions of your staff. This guide helps you to understand what 'vicarious liability' is and the positive steps you can take to minimise the risks. 
 ArrowAnti discrimination policies and complaint handling for small business 
 ArrowAnti discrimination policies and complaint handling for very small business 
 ArrowSummary of state and federal anti-discrimination legislation, and the areas of public life which they cover. 
 ArrowCommission’s publications for employers, including a Publication Order Form. 
 ArrowContact details for federal and state and territory anti-discrimination agencies  
 ArrowLinks to business/employer organisations that provide training and support for managers and staff.