Marriage equality: a return to substance over process

The debate on marriage equality this year has focussed on process: should parliament or the people vote on this issue? We now have a welcome move to substance.Six weeks ago, Attorney-General George Brandis got the ball rolling by releasing an...
Thursday 1 December 2016
Mr Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner

Genuine marriage equality is more than overdue

Imagine seeing the words "never married" on your new husband's death certificate. As if the grief of losing your husband while honeymooning wasn't traumatic enough.Marco Bulmer-Rizzi's husband, David, died after falling down stairs at a friend's...
Friday 29 January 2016
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Same-sex marriage poll puts religious freedom in danger

Religious freedom could be seriously compromised if a referendum were held on whether same-sex couples were allowed to marry.Following the events of the week numerous people have talked up a referendum, not a plebiscite, as the “public vote” on...
Friday 14 August 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Same-sex marriage: a law that protects the rights of all parties

A law can be designed to protect the rights of all and avoid a distracting and divisive debate on marriage for same-sex couples.There are two fundamental human rights that could be affected by any change: equality before the law and religious...
Saturday 8 August 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Religious freedom and same-sex marriage need not be incompatible

Religious freedom isn’t sufficiently protected in any of the bills before the parliament to allow same-sex couples to marry.Last week the leader of the government in the Senate, Eric Abetz, raised concern that those of faith might suffer legal...
Monday 6 July 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

I want to hold your hand: LGBTI people have some surprisingly modest aspirations

Visibility remains one of the greatest challenges in tackling the legacy of state-sanctioned discrimination against people on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status.In the past 30 years we’ve made great strides in...
Thursday 11 June 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Same-sex marriage the ultimate victory for conservatives

That same-sex couples want to marry is a triumph of conservative values, not a threat to them.As the greatest conservative philosopher of the 20th century, Michael Oakeshott, wrote in On Being Conservative, the disposition is to “prefer the familiar...
Saturday 6 June 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Australian Marriage Forum ad might be distasteful but it should have been...

On Sunday night, the Australian Marriage Forum (AMF) broadcast an advertisement against marriage for same-sex couples. The advertisement was scheduled to be broadcast on Channels 7, 9 and SBS.The AMF advertisement argued that same-sex couples should...
Wednesday 11 March 2015
Tim Wilson, Human Rights Commissioner

Opinion Pieces - Delay in same-sex fairness is wrong (2008)

The Coalition’s decision to send the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws – Superannuation) Bill 2008 - solely devoted to ending discrimination against same sex couples in superannuation laws - to a Senate Inquiry, is...
Friday 20 June 2008