Racial vilification laws protect those who are silenced by hate speech

Parliament’s human rights committee has spent the past four months examining Australia’s laws against racial vilification.  It travelled to every capital city and heard stories of how racism impacts on the lives of everyday Australians.Leaders of...
Thursday 9 March 2017
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Protecting refugees

As recent reports allege asylum seekers are being removed from Manus Island and returned to their place of origin, Commission President, Prrofessor Gillian Triggs, reflects on the nation's responsibilities.
Monday 13 February 2017
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Australia's advance in the protection of human rights

Yesterday’s announcement that the Government intends to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment – otherwise known as OPCAT - is the most significant advance in the...
Monday 13 February 2017
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Indigenous injustice: it beggars belief that so much evidence was ignored

I was shocked but not surprised by the ABC’s Four Corners revelations last Monday night. Incontrovertible CCTV evidence of Aboriginal children subject to demeaning, debilitating and dehumanizing behavior has galvanized the Australian community and...
Tuesday 2 August 2016
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Genuine marriage equality is more than overdue

Imagine seeing the words "never married" on your new husband's death certificate. As if the grief of losing your husband while honeymooning wasn't traumatic enough.Marco Bulmer-Rizzi's husband, David, died after falling down stairs at a friend's...
Friday 29 January 2016
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Sexual harassment at work is profoundly damaging and unfair

Gender rights are no joke. Australian law gives us all a legal right to live and work free from sexual harassment.But where does behaviour that is inappropriate, disrespectful or just plain rude cross the line to become unlawful? This is a question...
Wednesday 13 January 2016
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Domestic violence: $100 million funding raises hope in a week of tragedy

  By Professor Gillian Triggs and Commissioner Megan Mitchell.We can no longer tolerate the loss of innocent lives, or allow children to be exposed to such horrific crimes.This week we have seen at least four lives tragically cut short at the hands...
Friday 25 September 2015
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

The Government, the High Court and the Migration Act

 The long running, if muted, struggle between the High Court of Australia and the Government over refugees recalls a bitter legal battle in the early 17th century. Sir Edward Coke, the first Lord Chief Justice of England, defied King James 1 by...
Friday 10 April 2015
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Gillian Triggs on Malcolm Fraser: 'He tried to make Australia a better and...

Malcolm Fraser was a towering figure in human rights.  I greatly respected his compassion and respect for all human beings.I have known Malcolm for 40 years. He was always generous with his time and demonstrated a great ability to resolve difficult...
Friday 20 March 2015
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Committing a crime does not mean forfeiting all human rights for the future

There has been considerable public interest in some recent findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission that the Australian Government is in breach of our human rights obligations. While, as President of the Commission, I seldom comment on...
Wednesday 14 January 2015
Professor Gillian Triggs, President