Chinese-influence debate must avoid racism

There are an estimated 1.2 million people living in Australia who have Chinese ancestry (of which I am one). Many would agree that old prejudices against Chinese have largely given way to general acceptance of Chinese-Australians.Yet, ongoing...
Thursday 1 March 2018
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner

The year's creeping tide of racism

Was 2017 the year of the white supremacist? A friend put this to me recently.My answer is No. It would be indulgent despair to declare we’ve lost to racism. We haven’t. And we shouldn’t think we have.But I admit: there has been something about 2017...
Sunday 31 December 2017
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner

The Twelve Days of Disability Rights

You know Christmas is soon coming when shops and malls put up Christmas decorations.  You know Christmas is near when people start talking about what they’re doing over the holiday break.  And you know it’s the festive season when Christmas carols...
Friday 22 December 2017
Mr Alastair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner

The many faces of racism

Not long ago, I was reminded of a passage from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, in which he reflects upon the nature of the racism:
Thursday 2 November 2017
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner

Slavery is a bigger problem now than when it was ‘abolished’ - and it's...

A diverse group of leaders from the Australian business community, civil society, the religious community and academia has released a Statement of Support for the development of legislation to combat Modern Slavery. The Human Rights Commissioner...
Tuesday 31 October 2017
Mr Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner

Not just Hollywood problem: 1 in 4 Australian women have been sexually harassed...

Over the past year, I have spoken with many women who have told me their personal accounts of being harassed in the workplace.I spoke to one hospital worker who was sexually harassed by a male patient, who indecently exposed himself to her. Instead...
Monday 16 October 2017
Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Respect is essential to debates in civilised Australia society

We can all have our say within the bounds of lawRespect is the essence of a civil society. It is the cornerstone of human rights - the "active voice" of dignity that links all the international conventions to which Australia has committed.Respect is...
Friday 6 October 2017
Rosalind Croucher AM, President

Stopping racism is everyone's responsibility

Racism can get ugly. Think of the incidents of racist abuse on public transport that frequently attract media coverage.It's an unpleasant experience to witness racist vitriol or confrontation. It's even worse when you're on the receiving end of it....
Thursday 5 October 2017
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner

How to respond to the upswing in racism

Where does hatred come from? And how must we respond? These are questions many have been asking during the past week.
Wednesday 23 August 2017
Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner

Setting the record straight: Change the Course

Last week, the Australian Human Rights Commission released a landmark report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.The Change the course report came after years of work by students groups, advocates and journalists to...
Wednesday 16 August 2017
Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner