Time to properly value the role of unpaid caring

Caring is one of the most important and necessary roles performed in our modern society. It is also one of the most under-recognised and under-rewarded. It is time for this to change. It is time we considered the impost that care has on the people...
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Freedom of speech is not in danger in Australia (2013)

Freedom of speech is alive and well in Australia but, with respect to Voltaire, we will not defend to the death those who abuse this right by vilifying others in public on the ground of race.
Monday 25 February 2013
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Tweaking the draft bill could preserve core reforms

The proposed anti-discrimination law has critics, but it delivers a balanced package. If the release of the exposure draft of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 was intended to stimulate public discussion about an important reform...
Tuesday 22 January 2013
Professor Gillian Triggs, President

Age inequality: we're all in this together

The fallout from the global financial crisis should not become a contest between the young and the old, writes Susan Ryan. We must support more education and employment for people of all ages.
Thursday 17 January 2013
The Hon Susan Ryan AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner

Confessions of an ABC lover (2012)

For people who are blind or vision impaired, watching ABC TV has been a much richer experience lately. Unfortunately, that is about to change, writes Graeme Innes.
Friday 2 November 2012
Graeme Innes AM, Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Victimisation of those who report sexual harassment is increasing

Sexual harassment is widespread in Australian workplaces. I can say this with authority because I have just released the results of Australian Human Rights Commission research that once again supports this assertion.
Tuesday 30 October 2012
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

ADF Review has wider significance (2012)

Why on earth would we do another review into the Australian Defence Force, you ask? Surely it is one of the most reviewed organisations in the country? My response is that the equal treatment of women should be at the core of any Australian...
Tuesday 30 October 2012
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Freedom of speech should not trump the right to safety (2012)

Many people will be familiar with the recent “Aboriginal memes” page on a popular social media site, in which images of Aboriginal people were published with highly derogatory captions.
Wednesday 29 August 2012

No place in a proud nation for shallow judgements (2012)

We all want our kids to receive a fair go. We share the same hopes for their health, their happiness, and their horizons. When they play sport, go to school, apply for a job, or look for a house, we want them to be treated with dignity. Each and...
Friday 24 August 2012

ADF must change to survive (2012)

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Wednesday 22 August 2012
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner