Why doing the ‘rights’ thing is good for business (2009)

Despite the global financial crisis, growing numbers of Australian companies are recognising that doing business in a way that demonstrates respect for human rights makes good business sense.
Thursday 1 October 2009

Older people and employment: the invisible discrimination (2009)

Let’s be frank. When it comes to employment, older people can experience discrimination that is unlawful under state and federal laws, and very little is said about it. “It’s not that you’re too old, it’s just that we’re looking for someone who’ll...
Thursday 1 October 2009

Juvenile justice continues to focus on locking up kids rather than providing...

RECENT announcements notwithstanding, there's no getting around the fact that young people in South Australia are being detained in overcrowded and outdated conditions in breach of Australia's human rights obligations under the Convention on the...
Wednesday 30 September 2009

Let's finally give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a voice (2009)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not represented in our Federal Parliament. Five years ago, they ceased altogether to have a representative voice when the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) was abolished. We...
Friday 18 September 2009

New solutions, new hope (2009)

Any move to end the ignominy of indigenous health must empower community leaders to make decisions about resource allocation and program design, says TOM CALMA, Chair of the Close the Gap Campaign for indigenous Health Equality THE long-standing...
Saturday 29 August 2009

Everyone needs a safety net at some point in their lives (2009)

The Australian Human Rights Commission has this week lodged its submission with the National Human Rights Consultation, recommending that Australia implements a human rights act.
Wednesday 17 June 2009

Global efforts help to combat racism are essential for local responses (2009)

It is often the case that discussions about racism are heated and controversial; the recent Durban Review Conference and my participation in it was no exception. In reflecting on this Conference, I would like to convey some important context for my...
Tuesday 26 May 2009

The path to social inclusion (2009)

Killing and physical violence, exclusion from families and local communities, bullying at school and in the workplace – these are all experiences of gay, lesbian and gender diverse people in various parts of the world.
Thursday 14 May 2009

Take judges out of human rights process (2009)

Predictably, opponents of a human rights act reacted swiftly to Mr McHugh's comments, misrepresenting concerns about specific aspects of one model of a human rights act as a reason to reject any such act.
Friday 8 May 2009

Time for action on parental leave (2009)

HELLO! Is anyone listening? I am the fourth sex discrimination commissioner to argue for a government-funded national scheme of paid parental leave, and I pray that I am the last. Yesterday the "Attitudes to maternity leave in Australia" survey was...
Friday 10 April 2009
Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner