Opinion Pieces - Overcoming the native title gridlock (2008)

In 1992, Eddie Mabo’s name became known across Australia. Sadly, as is far too common in native title proceedings, it was after his death that the High Court realised Eddie Mabo’s vision. The Court recognised Indigenous Australians’ fundamental...
Friday 11 April 2008

Time to adjust the work-life balance (2008)

That report provides more evidence of what many people around the country have been saying for years -- that trying to balance paid work and family responsibilities in knowledge businesses is hard. Incredibly hard.
Friday 11 April 2008

Opinion Pieces - Maternity scheme is overdue (2008)

IT IS NOT that often that the Australian Industry Group, the ACTU and the federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner agree on something, but we all support the need for a national, government-funded scheme of paid maternity leave.
Tuesday 8 April 2008

Opinion - Time to induce paid maternity leave (2008)

Given that paid maternity leave has been on the public policy agenda for over three decades, the struggle for a universal paid maternity leave scheme can only be described as a protracted labour.
Thursday 28 February 2008

Profession should be re-engineered to help women reach the top (2008)

Twenty years ago, I spent many an hour debating how we might change the face of the profession and open up careers for women on an equal basis with men.  Many believed that the sheer force of numbers of women would lead to more equal leadership...
Friday 8 February 2008

Opinion Pieces - Improper sexual behaviour still rife (2008)

When I started in my new role as Sex DiscriminationCommissioner at the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission last year, I thought I had a pretty good idea of the issues I would face. But I will be frank in saying that I am genuinely shocked...
Wednesday 6 February 2008

Opinion Pieces - Immigration detention laws need reviewing (2008)

This is an often depressing tour that we at the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) undertake every year to monitor the conditions of immigration detention in Australia for compliance with internationally recognised human rights...
Thursday 17 January 2008

Opinion Pieces - Let’s not take another quarter century to end sexual...

 “When my uncle does it I know it’s not right, but when my boss does it, I am simply confused”.  These are the words of a young woman I met on my recent Listening Tour to South Australia in response to a question on sexual harassment.
Friday 11 January 2008

Flexibility the key to a better work environment (2007)

Abattoir slaughter lines and investment banking have more in common than you might imagine. For the predominantly male workers in both industries, there is enormous pressure on men as primary breadwinners. In the former, this is driven by the...
Friday 21 December 2007

Our first commitment must be to ensure that children and women can live without...

As an Aboriginal man, I am appalled by the reports of recent events in Aurukun. I am disgusted at the regular reporting of serious offences of sexual violence committed against our women and children.
Wednesday 12 December 2007