Options for indigenous economic development (2005)

The economic development of indigenous owned land has been a prominent issue debated in recent weeks. There have been various proposals to shift the ownership of indigenous land from community to individual control to further the economic progress...
Wednesday 11 May 2005

Letter to the The Australian from Dr Sev Ozdowski OAM - 6 April 2005

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Wednesday 6 April 2005

Abortion and Sex Education (2004)

There are lots of jokes about how people stop having babies when they find out what causes it, and maybe the abortion debate is that simple. We need to make sure men and women know what causes it so they can decide if that is what they want. This is...
Sunday 21 November 2004

Australia's human rights obligations as part of the "coalition of the...

Media reports and repeated allegations of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in US custody have raised fundamental questions about Australia's human rights obligations as part of the "coalition of the willing" .
Monday 21 June 2004

A last resort? Children in Immigration Detention (2004)

Four weeks ago today, a report was tabled in Federal Parliament that detailed numerous and repeated breaches of the human rights of children in our detention centres.
Thursday 10 June 2004

Employers and Sexual Harassment (2004)

The problem is liability, legal liability. Under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth), employers large and small may be at least vicariously liable for incidents of sexual harassment involving their staff. This includes incidents on business...
Thursday 8 April 2004

Leadership and Sexual Harassment (2004)

Sexual harassment, like bullying and other forms of personal power politics, is very hard to stop. Sure, the victim wants it to stop and is always grateful for assistance. Certainly, it embarrasses and sometimes distresses bystanders, but the...
Wednesday 31 March 2004

The Challenges Continue (2004)

You'll be pleased to know that Australians don't think sexual harassment is political correctness gone mad. In those cases where people witness it happening to others, 87 per cent of us do something about it. Actions range from confronting the...
Wednesday 24 March 2004

House of Representatives Committee into Child Custody Arrangements (2003)

Thank goodness for common sense. The report of the House of Representatives Committee into child custody contains sufficient of this rare commodity to confirm the importance of getting our elected representatives to listen to us. It is just such a...
Wednesday 31 December 2003

Response to ‘Family Income Versus Parenting Time: The Crux of the Total...

I would to draw your attention to a recent paper released by Lucy Sullivan at the Menzies Research Centre titled 'Family Income Versus Parenting Time: The Crux of the Total Fertility Rate Problem'. The paper is a useful contribution to our...
Wednesday 3 December 2003