Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Australian Human Rights Commission will today report on its inquiry into the treatment of people with disabilities in the criminal justice system. It finds that such people are not equally treated.

The report Equal before the law: Towards disability justice strategies is the culmination of extensive consultations held last year with victims, perpetrators, witnesses, disability advocates, policy makers and criminal justice workers.

The Commission found that equality before the law is a wide-spread problem for people with disabilities, and in some cases, the injustice experienced has been severe.

“I am very concerned that at least 20-30 people with disabilities are detained in gaols because they were found unfit to plead. Denying people appropriate accommodation, and the support needed to return to the community, is nothing short of a breach of human rights,” said Disability Discrimination Commissioner Innes.

Commissioner Innes is calling on all states and territories, as well as the Commonwealth, to introduce an holistic, over-arching disability justice strategy which would improve the lives of people with disabilities and save the community money through diversion and support.

“It is a basic human right for all Australians to be able to access the criminal justice system equally, but as I have discovered, dignity, respect, safety and support are all too often missing when people with disabilities are trying to access justice,” he said.

The report will be distributed to Attorneys General and can be found here

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014
Australian Human Rights Commission
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lahatkhereb's picture lahatkhereb

The Law will always Discriminate against us, an it will continue to, until we have full Immunity & Protection from the Law.We are unable to fulfill our Dreams, have happy Sex Lives, the Original 92 Protection of Disabled Persons UN Treaty Law, stated we werent able to be attacked on Grounds of Our Sexuality, Age, to even how minor or severe our Disabiltiy is, an you have the Law, still throwing us into Prison, which Violates the UN Treaty Law for People with Disabilities.This nation is a Disgrace, If any of us, want to serve in the Armed Forces, to even wanting to sit on a Jury, it cant be done, because we arent accepted, that is Discrimination, Degrading & Exploitive, where are the Judges or Magistrates with Disabilities, not these clowns, that work for Corporate America, an have invaded our Nation.Equality doesnt exist for us, its all a LIE.Its those who work for the Corporate Thugs, let them beat up an Destroy, Manipulate our Lives, by anyway possible, so they can destroy us by the Laws of the Land.Where the Hell does Human compassion come in for us, as this nation has sold its soul for an Invisible dollar, that doesnt exist, than to see that our Protection is vital.More & More, I see this nation hand itself over to Hitlers Naziism, an we are in the Firing Line, being scapegoated once again, for the crimes of those who sit behind the shield of law, an accused of being the monsters, that they really are.Each day with my Disability, Im losing the will to live, as you still continue to allow the Blood of the Disabled to be Shed, like a Lambs being slaughtered.Who knows maybe Ill find a cyanide pill & end it all, because you would rather see us dead, than to see us succeed, an see our dreams come to fruition.