Tuesday 6 December 2011

Nimboi's bat by Sean Spencer - Winner for August in 18 & over category


Photo comp draws to a close with November and overall winners announced

If only we had textbooks... by Sean Goodwin - Winner for November in under 18 categoryThe Commission’s photo competition has come to a close with both the November and overall winners being announced.

Stephen Packer has won the 18 and over category for the November competition for his photo, Beauty and her cage.

Stephen says some in Kenya believe this young woman does not deserve the right to an education due to the fact that she suffers from Spina Bifida.

“Thankfully a dedicated few believe that she does. Who may deny her one of the most basic human rights?” Stephen says.

“This gorgeous girl could grow to be a doctor, a lawyer. This young woman could grow up to cure cancer.”

Winner of the under 18 category was Sean Goodwin for his photo, If only we had textbooks…

Sean has photographed his younger brother, Liam Goodwin, in the corner of a store room in his house.

Sean Spencer has been selected as the overall winner for the 18 and over category for Nimboi’s bat.

Sean says the photo was taken during the Alpurrurulam lantern parade last year as part of the community’s holiday program where the local children made lanterns and paraded them at the end of the week.

And our November under 18 winner is also the overall winner of that category for, If only we had textbooks…

The Commission has been running the photo competition since August. Close to 200 entries were submitted depicting the competition’s theme of the Right to Education.

Monthly winners have received Apple iPod shuffles and overall winners will receive their $500 Apple vouchers at the Commission’s Human Rights Awards in Sydney on Friday, 9 December.

A selection of photo comp photos can be seen at

Beauty and her Cage by Stephen Packer - Winner for November in 18 and over category