Friday 21 June 2013

The Vice Chief of the Defence Force has held a press conference today about an incident involving cadets from the Australian Defence Force Academy, or ADFA, which has resulted in the suspension of seven cadets and midshipmen pending the outcome of an investigation by the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service (ADFIS).

Details of the incident have not been released to the public, other than to say that these male personnel appear to have been operating contrary to the values and standards expected of ADF members.

“In Recommendation 20 of the Commission's Report on the Review into the Treatment of Women at the Australian Defence Academy, I urged as a priority the implementation of Residential Service Officers,” said Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

In his statement, Vice Chief of the Defence Force, Mark Binskin, explained that ADFA had made improvements to supervision outside normal working hours through the employment of Residential Service Officers, who in this situation, brought this incident to light.

“This is an example of our recommendations at work and, while ADFA has committed to implementing 24 of the recommendations, I urge them to implement the entire set of 31 recommendations at pace,” Commissioner Broderick said.

“While cultural progress has been made, there is clearly much more to do.”

This is the only statement that Sex Discrimination Commissioner will make in relation to this incident at this time.