Pathways to protection cover - UNHCR photo of mother and daughter

Pathways to Protection

A short article by President Gillian Triggs about the recent report by the Commission on alternatives to offshore processing.The recent high-level United Nations summit on refugees in New York has reignited debate about the best way to respond to...
Monday 26 September 2016
Pathways to Protection report cover © UNHCR/R. Arnold.

Commission offers alternatives to third country processing

The Australian Human Rights Commission has today released a report which outlines potential policy alternatives to the current model of third country processing and practical measures to strike a balance between protecting human rights and...
Wednesday 14 September 2016
Rows of tents for asylum seekers on Manus Island. Source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection, reproduced under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Commission welcomes PNG Court ruling

The Commission welcomes the ruling by the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea that the detention of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island is illegal.
Tuesday 26 April 2016
cover of Forgotten Children Report

The Forgotten Children – 1 year on

It’s been a year since the Commission’s National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014 produced its findings and recommendations in The Forgotten Children report.The report revealed that the prolonged, mandatory detention of asylum...
Thursday 11 February 2016
Wickham Point detention centre

New report: experts reveal alarming impact of detention on children

A medical team led by the Australian Human Rights Commission has uncovered concerning evidence about the mental and physical health of children held at the Wickham Point detention facility in Darwin. The Commission is very concerned that these are...
Thursday 4 February 2016