Business can help female staff living with violence (2011 News)

The 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women campaign, which began on Friday 25 November, draws attention at a local, national and global level to the different forms of violence that women face, and highlights violence against women as a...
Tuesday 29 November 2011

Commission supports stronger human rights laws (2011 News)

Commission President Catherine Branson QC, said passage of the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Bill 2010 and the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) (Consequential Provisions) Bill were major steps forward in the protection of human rights.
Monday 28 November 2011

Bridging visas are more humane

The Commission has welcomed the announcement that bridging visas will be granted to an initial group of asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat.
Friday 25 November 2011

No excuse for violence against women (2011 News)

The Australian Human Right’s Commission’s White Ribbon Ambassadors are Mick Gooda, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, and Graeme Innes, Disability Discrimination Commissioner.
Friday 25 November 2011

Bullying and violence within Indigenous communities come under the spotlight (...

“Lateral violence, also known as horizontal violence or intra-racial conflict, is created by experiences of powerlessnesCommissioner Mick Gooda says.
Thursday 24 November 2011