Older mail teacher at blackboard teaching maths to male students

Pushing back against ageism in the teaching profession

In a speech delivered to the NSW Teachers federation, Commissioner Ryan urged teachers to turn their advocacy and activism efforts to ageist attitudes and practices in the employment and recruitment systems of the teaching profession.“In its 2018...
Saturday 15 March 2014
Hand reaching from a gaol cell

Send Rosie Anne home

The Australian Human Rights Commission this week called for an urgent audit of justice services to people with disability, as Rosie Anne Fulton, a woman detained in WA because she her disability meant she was deemed unfit to plead, became the latest...
Friday 14 March 2014

Body of case law provides clarity on 18C: Commissioner

Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has a substantial body of case law behind it, with almost 100 judgments and determinations. The law is well settled and critics are wrong to assert that 18C makes the mere 'causing of offence' unlawful,...
Friday 14 March 2014
Commissioner Graeme Innes

Jailed without conviction: Commissioners call for audit

Keeping people with disabilities in prison when they have not been found guilty of any crime is a serious breach of fundamental human rights. Such breaches must be urgently addressed, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission.ABC TV’s...
Thursday 13 March 2014
painted image of detained child behind wire fence, grasping it

Have you spent time as a child in an immigration detention facility? Or know...

The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting an inquiry into the impact of immigration detention on children, and we would like to hear the voices of people who have had direct experience of detention. The Commission particularly wants to...
Wednesday 12 March 2014