Mariah Kennedy speaking at the RightsTalk

Young Women Inspiring Australia

Centre stage at the Commission’s International Women’s Day event were four impressive young women, ranging in age from 11 to 32.They told powerful and inspiring stories of overcoming gender stereotypes in their lives.The special RightsTalk was co-...
Thursday 27 February 2014
Cover - RightsEd

New human rights guide to the Australian Curriculum

The Commission has released a new tool intended to help identify many of the opportunities that the Australian Curriculum provides for teaching students about the promotion and protection of human rights, both in Australia and around the world.“The...
Wednesday 26 February 2014
Majak Daw

Majak Daw abuse: ‘Everyone can do something to stop racism’

A man was evicted from the Aurora Stadium in Launceston on Friday night after racially abusing North Melbourne footballer Majak Daw.Fans seated around the man who vilified Mr Daw (pictured) alerted authorities immediately and the man was escorted...
Monday 24 February 2014
Child Drawing from Manus Island detention centre. 'My mum is crying and I am sad'. Image credit: Flickr GreensMPs

We can't 'outsource' our moral obligations to these people

This story appeared as an opinion piece in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 22 February 2014. Events on Manus Island have graphically and tragically brought to the attention of the Australian public the inappropriateness of the...
Saturday 22 February 2014
Tents in Manus Island detention centre

Time to rethink offshore processing of asylum seekers

While the facts are unclear about how the violence at Manus Island detention centre began, the Commission has reiterated its position that asylum seekers who arrive in Australia should not be sent to third countries for processing. Asylum seekers...
Thursday 20 February 2014