2011 News: Intervention anniversary should motivate us to improve the way we do...

Marking four years tomorrow since the former Coalition Government announced the five-year Northern Territory Emergency Response, Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda said it was time to go back to basics.
Monday 20 June 2011

2011 News: Commission will continue to lobby for strengthened human rights...

Commission President Catherine Branson QC has said the Commission would continue to urge the Government to end its system of mandatory and indefinite immigration detention.
Thursday 9 June 2011

2011 News: Native title processes can pit groups against each other

Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has called for an end to ‘lateral violence’ – the name given to aggressive, bullying or harassing behaviour within communities that is often the result of disadvantage, discrimination and oppression.
Thursday 2 June 2011

2011 News: Nominate now for the 2011 Human Rights Awards

Commission President Catherine Branson QC said nominations were opening a month earlier than last year in order to give people maximum time to consider nominating.
Thursday 2 June 2011

President finds breach of human rights (2011)

Commission President Catherine Branson QC, has released a report of her inquiry into a breach of human rights complaint made to the Commission by ‘Mr NK’. 
Tuesday 31 May 2011