Photograph of Alastair McEwin, smiling

Disability Discrimination Commissioner – Mid-term report

January 2019 marks the half-term of Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin. Today the Commissioner presents to the community his mid-term report, providing a brief overview of progress to date.Commissioner McEwin said: “My job is to...
Thursday 31 January 2019
UN Conference of States Parties session, participation by delegates with disabilities

Supporting emerging young leaders with disability to participate in...

The Australian Government has announced it will provide $100,000 per year over three years to 2020-2021, to support people with disability and their representatives to attend key international human rights forum.Minister for Families and Social...
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Everyone's Business

Key employers on board for National Workplace Sexual Harassment Inquiry

In November 2018, Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, called on Australian employers to agree to a limited waiver of their confidentiality agreements to allow submissions on workplace sexual harassment for the duration of the...
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Parliament of Australia

Citizenship bill weakens rights protections

Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow has told a parliamentary committee that enhanced citizenship stripping powers would weaken human rights protections and conflict with our obligations under international law.Commissioner Santow on Wednesday...
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Kay Patterson

Work still to be done ending age discrimination in the workplace

The Hon Dr Kay Patterson AOAs Australia’s Age Discrimination Commissioner, I would love to be able to say our workplaces are free from ageism, that the fight is over and we no longer have to fear the devastating impact of discrimination.But this...
Thursday 24 January 2019