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6 Appendix A – submissions

The Human Rights Commissioner received submissions from the following people and organisations.

1. Ken Grundy

2. Tim Walsh

3. Judith Sloan, The Australian

4. Rodney Crisp – The right to life and death

5. Freedom 4 Faith

6. Rodney Crisp – A national constitutionally-entrenched bill of rights

7. Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

8. World Society of Victimology

9. Central Australian Women’s Legal Service (CAWLS)

10. Peter Swift

11. Tina Arena

12. Ross Wilson

13. Music Rights Australia

14. Alastair Lawrie, Chair Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL)


16. Bruce Arnold and Susan Priest, University of Canberra

17. Scarlett Alliance: Australian Sex Workers Association

18. Helen Watchiers, ACT Human Rights & Discrimination Commissioner

19. International Commission of Jurists: WA Branch

20. Human Rights Law Centre

21. Community Legal Centres NSW

22. Public Interest Advocacy Centre

23. Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA)

24. NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee

25. Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC)

26. Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)

27. Rationalist Society of Australia

28. Unions WA

29. Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia

30. Kingsford Legal Centre, University of NSW

31. Law Council of Australia

32. Brendan Jones

33. National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC)

34. John Heininger, National Education Coalition

35. Abby Hinchcliffe, Lucy Dahill and Rachel Lynwood, Universal Medicine

36. Michael Sobb

37. Graham Preston

38. Charles Wilson, Dr Maxine Szramka and Alison Greig, The Way of the Livingness

39. Law Institute of Victoria

40. Jennifer Heywood

41. Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

42. Peter Olney

43. Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL)

44. Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga

45. Refugee Council of Australia

46. Free TV Australia

47. Mary Voice

48. UnitingJustice

49. FamilyVoice Australia

50. United Muslim Women’s Association

51. Megan McNicholl

52. Viera Scheibner

53. John Wilson

54. Singleton Council

55. Adam Johnston

56. Medical Committee on Client Mortality (Intellectual Disability)

57. Robert Loughnon, Maranoa Mayor

58. Kathy Noble, Changeling Aspects

59. Sister Chrysanthi

60. Anne Moira Kirkwood

61. Australian Baha’i Community

62. Mark Parnell, MLC

63. Kate Charles

64. EDO Tasmania

65. Australian Lawyers Alliance

We also received three confidential submissions.