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Indigenous International Issues

Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Friday 14 December, 2012

International Indigenous Rights

What’s New?


The purpose of this page is to provide a clear and comprehensive introduction to the ways in which Indigenous human rights are protected and promoted at the international level. It is hoped this site will also prove a useful resource for those seeking to learn more about Australia’s current Indigenous human rights record. The site contains links to web resources and documents in the area of international law with particular reference to Indigenous peoples. It also provides links to other United Nations guides and directories which contain material on international human rights.

Developments in international protection of Indigenous rights and scrutiny of Indigenous rights in Australia will be regularly updated.

For a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the recognition and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples at the international level see Chapter 4 of the Social Justice Report 2006. For a history of the rights of indigenous peoples in the international context see Chapter 6 of the Social Justice Report 2002.

The following sections provide an overview of international issues which relate to Indigenous peoples:

  1. International scrutiny of Indigenous rights in Australia

    This section provides links to United Nations documents, Australian Human Rights Commission submissions to United Nations bodies and explanatory material about Australia’s Indigenous human rights record.

  2. UN recognition of Indigenous rights

    This section provides an overview of the United Nations system and the special bodies and mechanisms focused on Indigenous human rights.

  3. International reports, studies and conferences on Indigenous rights

    This section lists important UN reports, studies and conference on the rights of Indigenous peoples under particular topics of interest.

  4. Progressing Indigenous rights at the international level

    This section provides information on UN funds set up to assist Indigenous peoples participation in UN activities. It also provides links to organisations representing Indigenous peoples outside Australia.

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