Finding a job, renting a place, enrolling to study – there are a number of areas where people can face unfair treatment because of their age.

Stereotypes about young people and older Australians are a major factor behind age discrimination.

This is especially true for mature workers, who often have to counter negative attitudes held by employers and assumptions about a ‘use by’ date for their skills.

The Age Discrimination Act 2004 protects individuals across Australia from discrimination on the basis of age in many areas of public life, including employment, education, accommodation and the provision of goods and services.

People who experience direct or indirect discrimination can complain to the Commission.

We undertake a wide range of activities to help individuals and organisations around the country understand their rights and meet their legal responsibilities, especially in the workplace.

Our work includes research, policy advice and education initiatives that tackle the attitudes and stereotypes that can lead to age discrimination.

The Age Discrimination Commissioner, the Hon Kay Patterson AO, leads this work.

Her focus is addressing the barriers to equality and participation faced by mature workers, older Australians and young people.

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