Summary publication

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission: Annual Report 2002 - 2003


Significant Achievements

Statement from the President

Chapter 1: The Commission

  • Outcomes structure
  • Human rights education and promotion

Chapter 2: Complaint Handling Section

Chapter 3: Legal Services

Chapter 4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Social Justice

Chapter 5: Disability Rights

Chapter 6: Human Rights

Chapter 7: Race Discrimination

Chapter 8: Sex Discrimination

Chapter 9: International Activities

Appendix 1
International Instruments observed under legislation administered by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Appendix 2
Commission publications released during 2002-03

Appendix 3
Freedom of Information

Appendix 4
The complaint handling process

Appendix 5
Human resources and administrative services
Commonwealth Disability Strategy

Financial statements