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Willing to Work – Submissions

Disability Disability Rights
Tuesday 23 June, 2015

Submissions to the Inquiry

Submissions to the inquiry have now closed. 

Auslan video:Consultations and submissions process

Easy English versions of the Inquiry guides

What if I need to make a submission in a different way?

If you would like to make a submission in a way not mentioned here please contact the Inquiry team at or call (02) 9284 9600.

How will my submission be used?

Information collected through submissions will be used for the purposes of understanding the issues and may be drawn upon, quoted or referred to in the National Inquiry’s report.

You have the option of making a confidential submission to the Inquiry. The National Inquiry will not publish confidential submissions. Please be aware that whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure confidentiality, there is a possibility that submissions marked confidential might be released, in whole or in part, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (Cth). Where people have indicated that they would like their submission to be published, these will be made available on the National Inquiry’s website.

The Commission’s submission policy provides further information on the use, publication and access to submissions. The submission policy is located at:

Submissions made to the Inquiry

Please note: in accordance with the terms of the submissions process, we have:

  • not listed below or published any confidential submissions; and
  • in some cases, edited or not published (where an edited copy could not reasonably be published) the non-confidential submissions, in order to protect the identity of the authors and/or third parties or where otherwise appropriate. 

The Commission notes that the submissions listed may contain errors. The submissions do not represent the views of the Commission.

Submission No 24 - Attachment.pdf

Submission No 27 - Roger Rex Griffiths - individual (age).docx