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Building belonging: A toolkit for early childhood educators on cultural diversity and responding to prejudice

Tuesday 5 July, 2016


Building belonging - a collage of all the front cover images

‘Building Belonging’ is a comprehensive toolkit of early education resources which includes an ebook, song with actions, educator guide, posters and lesson plans. It is focussed on encouraging respect for cultural diversity and tackling racial prejudice in early childhood settings.


Building Belonging Toolkit PDF (23MB)

Building Belonging Toolkit Word (38MB)


All My Friends and Me front cover

‘All My Friends and Me’ is an ebook that tells the story of Pax and her friends at preschool as they explore their similarities and differences.

Click here for ebook




Song action sheet cover image

‘Colours of Australia’ is a song celebrating the diversity of Australia. There is an accompanying poster that demonstrates actions that complement the song.







Download Song in MP3



The song poster features the lyrics to the song ‘Colours of Australia’ and the characters from ‘All my friends and me’ demonstrating the complementary actions.











Building belonging - A toolkit for early childhood educators on cultural diversity and responding to prejudice - Educator Guide


The Educator Guide serves as an introduction to the ‘Building Belonging’ toolkit of resources which supports early childhood educators in teaching children about cultural diversity and addressing prejudice in early childhood settings.









Parent flyer cover image - Discussing cultural diversity with your child


The ‘Discussing cultural diversity with your child’ parent poster offers suggestions to parents and carers including activity ideas and tips for responding to tricky questions.







Screen capture of Lesson 1 - Lets make a rainbow


The ‘Let’s make a rainbow’ lesson prompts children to think about the similarities and differences between themselves and others.









Screen capture of Lesson 2 - What's on the inside?


The ‘What’s on the inside?’ lesson introduces children to the principle that ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.’







Screen capture of Lesson 3 - All my friends and me


The ‘All my friends and me’ lesson gives children the chance to explore their differences and similarities in a small group environment.









Poster - Tackling tricky questions about racial identity


‘Tackling tricky questions about racial identity’ provides tips on how to embrace the opportunity presented by children’s natural curiosity about difference.









Poster - Encouraging respect for cultural diversity


‘Encouraging respect for cultural diversity’ provides suggestions for discussions and activities that can help educators to encourage respect for cultural diversity.











Poster - Colours of Australia


The ‘Colours of Australia’ poster shows the characters from ‘All my friends and me’ demonstrating the actions to the ‘Colours of Australia’ song.









Recipe sheet cover - A world of flavours


The recipe sheet provides a template for services to ask families to share one of their favourite recipes from home. The recipes can be collated into a book.









Responding to difficult questions about Racial Identity and Cultural Diversity


The ‘Responding to difficult questions about racial identity and cultural diversity’ sheet provides educators with suggestions that can build their confidence in responding to difficult questions from children and families.