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The Face the Facts education resource is designed to complement the material in the Commission’s Face the Facts publication. First published in 1997, Face the Facts reflects the continued demand for accurate and easy to understand information about Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Face the Facts draws on primary research information from a variety of sources, including laws made by the Australian Parliament, government policies, academic research and statistics gathered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, including the 2006 Census data. The factual information gathered here, from various sources, provides a reliable snapshot of some aspects of the social realities of Australia.

NOTE: the following resources should be used with a degree of sensitivity, particularly in classrooms with students from diverse backgrounds.

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Activities / resources

1. What’s it like to be a refugee?

2. Refugees in the media

3. Readers’ theatre and storytelling

4. Statistics – Migration in Australia

5. The facts – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander – web activity

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These activities are supported by the Face the Facts publication and Glossary available at: