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 What about Doug's rights?Disability rights: What about Doug's rights?

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These resources will help students to explore the concepts of disability discrimination. The resources focus around the story of a school student (Doug) who returns to school after a serious basketball accident.

A video ‘What about Doug's rights?’ has been developed to complement the resource and activity sheets. A script of the video is supplied as an alternative to the video, or as an additional resource for reference in the discussions arising out of the study of this topic.

As well as the specific issue of disability discrimination, the notion of 'difference' between people is explored. Students will look at how people respond to difference through how they treat other people. In exploring these ideas, students are encouraged to think about them in the context of their understanding of the applications of human rights and responsibilities. An understanding of the concepts of rights and responsibilities are essential to young people so that they can effectively participate in both their school environment and in the broader community.

With the changes to policies of inclusion and integration in Australian education institutions that have occurred in the last 20 years, issues of human rights in a context of disability discrimination may arise for students and teachers in their own daily dealings. The activities provided will enable students to work through the steps of a potential real-life situation and develop their decision-making and problem-solving skills, learning that sometimes there are competing human rights issues in the one scenario.

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