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Young people in the workplace Young people in the workplace

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Young people in the workplace contains a series of activities and resources to help students explore the issues around workplace discrimination. The activities help students to draw comparisons between the dramatised workplace issues and their personal experiences by looking at how concepts of difference, discrimination and harassment may operate in their daily lives.

The resources provide an opportunity for students to explore their own sense of identity and compare it with others. A variety of rights issues can be raised within the context of one situation. At work, issues of race, age, sex and disability discrimination may be encountered, and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers may not be clearly defined. By exploring these issues and making students aware of the rights they should expect to uphold and have upheld in a workplace situation, they become empowered to act in situations where they see instances of unlawful discrimination in their own lives.

The accompanying video and script explores a potential real-life situation of young people entering the workplace. Case studies are provided which explore issues of sex, age, race, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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