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What can you do?

Tuesday 16 December, 2014


Brothablak pointing at camera

We’ve all been a bystander at one time or another. It can be uncomfortable. Often people don’t respond because they don’t want to be a target of abuse themselves.

Many people want to stand against racism but aren’t sure how. Standing up to racism can be a powerful sign of support. It can also make the perpetrator think twice about their actions.

When responding, always assess the situation and never put yourself at risk. Your actions don’t need to involve confrontation.

Watch VicHealth’s video on how everyone can play a role in preventing racism.

Visit the Racism. It Stops With Me website for further information about responding to racism.

The Australian Human Rights Commission can investigate and resolve complaints where people have been treated unfairly, harassed or abused because of their race. Visit our Complaints Information page.  

Get support. Contact Kids Helpline and


What can you do? (PDF)

What can you do?(Word)