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Voices of Australia

Voices of Australia

One of the defining characteristics of Australia is its rich cultural diversity – it is home to people from all over the world.

In 1975 the Racial Discrimination Act came into force. It was Australia’s first federal law dealing with human rights. Thirty years on it continues to be a strong statement about our shared values – that racism and discrimination have no place in our community.

To mark this important anniversary, the Commission has compiled Voices of Australia – a magazine and audio CD of real-life stories about diversity and living together in contemporary Australia.

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Voices of Australia education resource

An educational tool to help combat racism and promote a culture of respect and equality among high school students around Australia..

National Rugby League Supports the 'Voices of Australia' Project

As part of the project, a selection of NRL stars including Darren Lockyer (Brisbane Broncos), Steve Price (New Zealand Warriors) and Hazem El Masri (Canterbury Bulldogs) shared their stories of their experiences to encourage greater understanding and friendship between people of different backgrounds.