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The Racial Hatred Act: Acknowledgements


The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
extends its thanks to all those journalists and commentators who have permitted
the reproduction of their work and commentary and who have been so generous
with their time in assisting the development of this guide.

HREOC also acknowledges the assistance of the following people in the
preparation of this guide:

Maha Abdo, John Alexander, Brian Arley, Lynette Burns, Anne Hampshire,
Cratis Hippocrates, Kitty Eggerking, Bill Fleming, Cameron Forbes, Vaughan
Hinton, Martin Hirst, Kevin Hume, Andrew Jakubowicz, Paul Kelly, Chris
Lawe-Davies, Hugh Mackay, Mick O'Regan, David Salter and Eloise Keary,
Jebby Phillips, Helen Pitt, Gerald Stone, Kerry-Anne Walsh, Janice Withnall.

Copyright 1996 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Produced by Race Discrimination Unit, HREOC
Design Global Graphics and Chris Cason Design
Research and Production Quay Connection

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