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Free Speech 2014

Rights Rights and Freedoms
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A road map for the future

Free speech is fundamental to a free and democratic society

But ... is it adequately promoted and protected in Australia?

The Australian Human Rights Commission hosted a one-day symposium on free speech from 9am to 5pm on Thursday 7th August 2014 at the Aerial Function Centre in Ultimo.

We gathered high-profile people in academia, politics, the law and civil society who helped broaden our ideas on the global meaning of free speech.

This symposium brought the numerous issues that affect free speech in Australia to the table for public discussion. The topics were wide-ranging, including media and Internet regulation, intellectual property and defamation laws. 

Free Speech 2014 Symposium Papers



PROGRAM - Free speech 2014.pdf or download in Word.


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This symposium was streamed live at and tweeted at #freespeech2014.



The output of the conference is intended to subsequently feed into the Australian Law Reform Commission's Review of Commonwealth Laws for Consistency with Traditional Rights, Freedoms and Privileges.

A report will also be produced collating papers from the symposium that will contribute to the Government's and the Commission's development of a 'road map' to progress the right to freedom of expression in Australia.

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Media Advisor: Dominic O'Grady
Email: dominic.o'
Mobile: 0419 258 597


Venue details


Aerial Function Centre
Level 7, 235 Jones St (off Broadway, near Central station)
Ultimo NSW 2007