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Rural and Remote Education - WA


and Remote Education - WA

Kununurra Public Hearing -

17 May 1999

Witnesses giving

evidence in Kununurra were

  1. Alan McLaren,

    Principal, Kununurra District High School: Early childhood development;

    primary to secondary transition; Indigenous school participation rates;

    curriculum offerings; Barramundi school; inter-agency support; travel

    inequities; School of Isolated and Distance Education; Aboriginal hostel

    in Kununurra; technology; staffing profile; teacher incentives; Indigenous

    students and English language; literacy funding; Indigenous language

    learning; disability; Aboriginal & Islander Education Workers; Aboriginal

    Student Support and Parent Awareness program; racism; attendance rates;

    Aboriginal liaison officer

  2. Ian Trust, Chairperson,

    Wunan Council; Helen Wright, East Kimberley Aboriginal Education and

    Training Committee; John Rowe, Manager of Kimberley Work Training, ATSIC

    Wunan Council for the East Kimberley: Aboriginal literacy and numeracy

    rates; Indigenous school age demographics in the Kimberley region; shortfall

    in provision of education to Indigenous children; Indigenous staffing

    rates in schools; school amalgamation; educational standards and aspirations;

    education levels; the effect of the social context on educational outcomes;

    Aboriginal trainees; competing interests between employment and community

    resources; Indigenous groups and English language; Funding for educational

    outcomes; Indigenous teacher training; pre-school; conflict resolution

    and self esteem; no provision of education; secondary provision

  3. John Polglase

    and Sister Maryanne, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School: Disability;

    disability and funding arrangements; transition and school attendance;

    Indigenous students and mainstream education; community liaison; Abstudy;

    Culturally appropriate education; problems with Abstudy; recommendations;

  4. Anne Wright, President,

    Parent's and Citizen's Association (P&C) at Kununurra District High

    School and Peter Albin, Chairperson, Secondary Steering Committee (a

    Sub-Committee of the P&C Committee): Provision of senior secondary schooling;

    transport subsidies for some School of Isolated and Distance Education

    students; curriculum provision and staffing; special needs and gifted

    children; the 'Super School' concept; race relations; Parents' and Citizens'

    association; Indigenous language learning

  5. Daniel Suggit,

    Kununurra Youth Services Inc.: traditional communities of the Kununurra

    region; Western education systems and Indigenous students

  6. John, Aboriginal

    Elder: Health education



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