Summary publication

Our Progress Report 2014

The Male Champions of Change (MCC) collaboration aims to achieve a significant and sustainable increase in the representation of women in leadership. Established in 2010 by Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, our group comprises 25 CEOs, department heads and nonexecutive directors from across business and federal government.

Having male leaders step up beside women and lead on gender equality is at the heart of the MCC strategy. For so long, women alone have led the way, advocating for hard-won improvements, when so many men also hold power to support change.

While in real terms more women are attaining leadership positions within our organisations, we know we still have much to contribute. We believe that investments made now in systemic change – particularly in sectors where women are traditionally under-represented – will progressively provide the payoff that we are looking for.

None of us can claim to have everything right. Yet we are resolute that championing change on gender equality cannot wait until we can all claim to be perfect role models. As leaders and employers, we know there is much more we can and will do. We continue to listen and learn. We will be persistent in leading change.

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