Appendix 3 – List of public submissions

A total of 239 submissions were received by the Inquiry. Of these:

  • 105 were public submissions;
  • 69 were public submissions with name withheld; and
  • 65 were confidential and were not published.

The following are all public submissions received by the Inquiry. These submissions have been made available on the Commission website.

SubmissionSubmission No.
11 year old detained in Nauru OPC64
12 year old detained in Nauru OPC142
15 year old detained in Nauru OPC148
15 year old detained in Nauru OPC193
16 year old detained in Nauru OPC91
17 year old asylum seeker20
17 year old detained in Nauru OPC97
Adult detained on Christmas Island234
Adult detained on Christmas Island237
Adult living in immigration detention72
Amnesty International157
Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors165
Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare188
Asylum Seeker (Same author as Sub 21A and 21B)15
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre104
Australian Children’s Commissioners and Guardians204
Australian Anthropological Society85
Australian Association of Social Workers90
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference159
Australian College of Children and Young People’s Nurses187
Australian College of Nursing and Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses Australia136
Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce189
Australian Education Union49
Australian Federation of Graduate Women229
Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association47
Australian Medical Students’ Association166
Australian Psychological Society208
Baptist Care Australia57
Barnardos Australia160
Boevink, Karen16
Boy currently in immigration detention215
Briskman, Linda205
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law32
Catholic Social Services Australia126
Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University200
Child Wise155
Child detained in Nauru228
Child detained in Nauru OPC59
Child detained in Nauru OPC60
Child detained in Nauru OPC61
Child detained in Nauru OPC62
Child detained in Nauru OPC63
Child detained in Nauru OPC96
Child detained in Nauru OPC98
Child detained in Nauru OPC132
Child detained in Nauru OPC144
Child detained in Nauru OPC149
Child detained in Nauru OPC150
Child detained in Nauru OPC151
Child detained in Nauru OPC191
Child detained in Nauru OPC192
Child detained in Nauru OPC194
Child detained in Nauru OPC195
Child protection and support worker in Nauru134
Child who lived in immigration detention previously42
Child who lived in immigration detention previously184
Children’s Hospital at Westmead Refugee Clinic1
Christmas Island and Darwin Volunteer 2010114
Cheema, Zainib58
Coffey, Guy213
Cole, Catherine118
Commissioner for Children and Young People WA65
Connor, Madeleine17
Creative arts therapist199
Crock, Mary (Prof)219
Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network222
Dempsey, Yvette196
Department of Immigration and Border Protection45
Due, Clemence (Dr)101
Early Childhood Australia198
Employees of Save the Children Australia in Nauru183
ESL Education3
Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria52
Father detained with baby in Nauru OPC224
Father detained with children on Christmas Island233
Father detained with children on Christmas Island236
Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia154
Former child in immigration detention34
Former professional working in immigration detention8
Former professional working in immigration detention28
Former professional working in Nauru OPC67
Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma210
Fourer, Margarita and McConaghy, Ric163
Gage, Scott138
Glossop, Patricia and Mollison, Martha181
Goddard, Chris (Prof)201
Good Beginnings Australia172
Goodstart Early Learning117
Gouldthorpe, Leonor6
Griffin, SJ185
Hamonet, Nicholas131
Health Professional10
Humanitarian Research Partners239
Human Rights Committee of Law Society of NSW174
Human Rights Council of Australia116
Hughes, Stephen Thomas29
Hush, Julia (Dr)137
Immigrant to Australia128
International Detention Coalition164
Jago, Jeff54
Jesuit Social Services, Wesley Mission, CatholicCare Melbourne, MacKillop Family Services140
Keay, Lindsay125
Kingsley, Martin161
Kennedy, Kathryn122
Kensley, Samantha66
Kettle, Daniel135
Kommonground Inc, Pledger, Jenna190
Kotzman, Anne4
Law Council of Australia46
Life Without Barriers167
Lynch, Lesley (Dr), NSW Council for Civil Liberties139
Macpherson, Ashley176
Maguire, Amy178
McGifford, Russell127
Medical student171
Micallef, Natalie180
Mother with child detained in Nauru OPC221
Mother detained with child on Christmas Island235
Mother detained with son on Christmas Island226
Murphy, Robyn Lynette123
Nanda, Varun182
National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect153
Occupational Justice Special Interest Group74
Parent detained with child on Christmas Island227
Parker, Erica44
Perkins, Di197
Person detained on Christmas Island225
Plan International Australia158
Professional working in immigration detention84
Professional working in immigration detention209
Professional working in immigration detention232
Primary teacher in Nauru40
Psychologists for Humane Asylum Seeker Treatment119
Queensland Law Society206
Quonoey, Sheila39
Ransome, Glen179
Refugee Action Network186
Refugee Advice and Casework Service217
Refugee Council of Australia169
Rezaee, Besmellah and Brizar, Marina177
Rice AM, Adele56
Royal Australasian College of Physicians103
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists48
Royal Children’s Hospital162
Sainsbury, Peter7
Saul, Ben (Prof)33
Save the Children Australia216
School teacher71
Secondary school teacher100
Short, Jacki53
Social Service Provider24
St Vincent de Paul National Council152
Sweet, Melissa, Croakey Blog121
Teacher at ESL school for new arrivals19
Teacher in Nauru156
Terry, John William41
Tobin, John (Prof)238
Uniting Justice Australia212
Unaccompanied child asylum seeker21(A)
Unaccompanied child asylum seeker (Same author as Sub 21A)21(B)
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC92
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC93
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC94
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC141
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC143
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC145
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC146
Unaccompanied child detained in Nauru OPC147
University of New South Wales207
Van Oostende, Corina102
Voice of Tamils Inc99
Wismer, Esther Parijat5
Zwi, Karen9