The Racial Hatred Act: Case study 1

 case study 1an australin muslim's experience of the media

  • two different experiences of the media
Media report:
  • 'Renaissance: why women and Christians are embracing Islam', The Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Fray, May 1995
  • Sydney Morning Herald journalist Peter Fray on producing a balanced article
  • Maha Abdo, President of the Australia Muslim Women's Association, on visual cliches and stereotypes

Please note that none of the reports in the case studies have been the subject of complaints or queries under the Racial Hatred Act.

Peter Fray comments:

 "Quotation Mark"

Journalism is all about integrity and gaining Maha Abdo's trust and respect and then turning that into a useful piece of journalism was a milestone in my career.

The Muslim community is rightfully cautious of the western media and I felt I had to prove myself when talking to Maha and her colleagues and show that I could produce a well balanced article.

I hope I have made it easier for journalists to approach that community and also for the community to understand the media a little better.

Since the Islam series I have maintained contact with the community. I would be naive to think they agree with everything I write but we now have a relationship based on trust and acceptance which allows us to agree to disagree. I think they now realise that not all western journalists have a bias against Islam and the Muslim community.

 "Quotation Mark"

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