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Homelessness is a Human Rights Issue

This paper explores the many ways that homelessness impacts on a person’s ability to enjoy basic rights and freedoms. It shows that homelessness is more than just a housing issue. Homelessness is about human rights. Homeless people are not merely...

Rights of Passage(2005)

Visiting schools, youth centres and other organisations, the project sought to listen to the views of young Australians – the issues that concern them, their understanding of rights and responsibilities and their ability to participate in decision...

Human Rights and Mental Illness

The Report of the National Inquiry into the Human Rights of People with Mental Illness was tabled in Parliament and publicly released on 20 October, 1993. Over a three year period the Inquiry received nearly 900 written submissions, heard from over...

Norfolk Island's Immigration Act and human rights

During 1997-98, in response to four complaints, the Commission conducted an inquiry into Norfolk Island's Immigration Act 1980. Norfolk Island is a territory of the Commonwealth and the only inhabited external territory not covered by the...

Human Rights for Australia

Human Rights Commission Monograph Series No. 1 (1986). A survey of literature and developments, and a select and annotated bibliography of recent literature in Australia and abroad.