Rights of Passage - 2005 competition


That morning

By Emily Webb-Smith, 13, WA

That morning is a powerful and moving piece about the tragedy of domestic violence and the people whose lives it destroys.

"Somewhere between 1.4 and 2.1 million Australian children are living with or have been affected by domestic violence."

This year, it crept into our community

That morning

Emily Webb-Smith

That morning,
the little boy stayed strong
long enough
to gently lead his mother
on an unexpected path to

as the ambulance weaved its way to a place
which he never could quite pronounce,
he watched
his mother's blood
quietly make its own way
to the edges of the school arch on his uniform.

Earlier that morning,
dressed in his school uniform of teal and white,
he waited patiently for his mother
to put on makeup,
to brush her short blonde hair.
He listened to her haunting words,
that would carry her further away from him

We all make mistakes,
the restraining order will keep us safe,
he still loves me,
he's really not violent anymore

Sometime that morning,
the lover calmly came to them
and slashed
until the boy
could no longer cup his mother's life in his hands.
She was just too beautiful to live
was all the lover said.

A long time after,
the little boy found a special way to unite.
Through their shared love of music
he quietly played the piano,
his mother's soul leading him
in the long journey of trust.

the boy
grew comfortable inside his shell
but outside it,
shuffled ever so softly.

Dedicated to my friend Mathew
who lost his mother
as a result of domestic violence.

God bless us all